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Unk… ‘Aurorus the Great’


One day ‘Unk’ decided to hang up his meat jacket and start wearing a smock… His friends thought he was great and all sat for portraits. His wife ‘Tut’ however was absolutely livid. Firstly they had to downsize to a pokey little cave on the shady side of the mountain. Then she had to give up her collection of sealskin hats. But worst of all, she was persuaded to resign from her position as chair of the ‘Ladies Afternoon Club’.

It wasn’t long before she sought solace in the arms of their close friend ‘Urde’, and no one could blame her.
But Unk was undeterred and he went on to paint amazing paintings. He also found that he was good at all sorts of other extraordinary things. He baked bread, sewed suits, played the flute, wrote poetry, sang songs and even invented over twenty new types of dance.

At the age of thirty he built himself an oak framed boat and sailed half way around the world, before eventually settling in a modest cave in the Norwegian Arctic. There he painted full time under the name ‘Aurorus the Great.’ He was known to throw wild parties and tell very long exagerated tales of his adventures to all his guests.

In his later years he became a fervent political figure, a polemicist, campaigning for Women’s Rights, Racial Equality, Democracy and Social Justice. He wrote controversial papers on World Economics, Peace and the ‘Descent of Man.’ He became both feared and revered in equal measures.

Until recently all that remained of ‘Aurorus the Great’ was a single tooth and a small piece of finger bone, discovered by archaeologists close to an ice sealed cave near Narvik. They named the primitive ‘Unk’ and could confirm that he was 36 years old, and that he spent most of his life as a vegetarian.

But now the ice is shifting………