The Field

‘The Field’ is an ongoing project of mine featuring ‘Moltar’ as the main protagonist, with the lives of several anthropomorphic characters connected to him. There will be about twenty characters eventually, all living in an ordinary field in England. Some of the more exotic creatures have escaped from pet shops and domestic homes where they suffered neglect and mistreatment. The animals indigenous to Great Britain haven’t had it particularly easy either. There has been squirrel racism and bullying, accusations of mouse witchcraft and a number of abominations in the name of love, all underpinned by a sinister and oppressively dull mole society. I am presently writing the life stories of these heroic creatures, and giving them some very exciting future adventures.



‘Moltar’ is a wise and wonderful fortune telling mole with extraordinary psychic powers…
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Malin Gonzales

‘Malin Gonzales’ is a mixed up orphan squirrel who loves to collect Jamaican trinkets…
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Lord Elgar

‘Lord Elgar’ is a lying fantasist with a singing voice of liquid gold…
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‘Vida’ is a joyful, high spirited, freedom loving artist. Part Mexican and part Swedish…
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Dr Love

‘Dr. Love’ is an unconventional doctor who cures creatures through bottled aspects of love…
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The Great Pretender

‘The Great Pretender’ is a hypnotist magician with a highly manipulative streak…
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‘Sholtar’ is a fake fortune teller who attempts to copy ‘Moltar’ in a lame bid for popularity…
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‘Oshi’ spends most of his life believing he’s a ghost, because that’s what he’s been told by everybody…
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Medal Mouse

‘Medal Mouse’ is an egotistical, hyperactive, friendless, obsessive jogging mouse…
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‘Rab’ is an edgy, cross dressing rat who regularly speaks with God on his antique telephone… » Read more about Rab