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The story of ‘Oshi’ is one of the power of the collective over the individual spirit. All his life he has been told that he is a ghost, and he causes a terrible commotion whenever he ventures out. There has never been a creature that hasn’t run from Oshi, and there have been many attempts to destroy him. Forced into a reclusive life of depression, anxiety, and isolation, he rarely found the energy to even get out of bed. However, something remarkable happens to Oshi that changes his life forever. He is saved by an unexpected and beautiful friendship with ‘Moltar’, a wise fortune telling mole.

Moltar sees him running away one afternoon in June, and he knows immediately that this is an albino mole and not a ghost at all. He calls out to him “Hey, who are you? Don’t be afraid.” and these words float across the field through the warm summer air, and rest in Oshi’s heart forever. For the first time in his life he realises that somebody cares about him.
He stops. He takes a breath. He turns around with the simple realisation that the time has finally come for him to stop running away. That actually it is his own fear that keeps him running and hiding and crying into his pillow at night, and not the fear that he creates in others.

Eventually Moltar helps to convince Oshi that he is no ghost and Oshi learns to live in his own skin. He even starts to see the humourous side of his former life as the ghost of the field, and at parties in years to come he finds himself pretending to scare people just for fun.