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‘Moltar’ has followed an extraordinarily brave path in order to fulfil his own true destiny. He has had to challenge the tyrannical mole society, in his fight to live a more authentic life above ground. Condemned by the elders as a crazy and corruptive influence, he first finds himself isolated and depressed, saved only by his love of archeaology and faith in a better life.

He spends several years doing what he ought to do and quietly deliberating over his own fate, before eventually ignoring the popular belief that a mole will go blind if he seeks to live above ground, and renouncing all he has ever known to be true. He breaks free and begins a slow and challenging journey, taking him through great tunnels of darkness and despair, but eventually transforming him from ordinary ‘John’ (from a long historic line of ‘Johns’)… to ‘Moltar’, the extraordinary fortune telling mole. With his amazing insight and true psychic power he is able to help everyone he meets to realise their own true potential.

You won’t find him talking much about his former life underground, but if you do ask him, he will look right past you into the wind and the hills, and the trees and the sky… and smile.