Malin Gonzales

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‘Malin Gonzales’ never knew her parents, but she has been told that her father was a grey squirrel who shamed his kind by falling in love with her mother, a red. The clandestine affair proved, in the end, too difficult, and he left for Jamaica – so it was said – before Malin was born. Her mother died shortly afterwards in the broken hearted shell of her former life.

Malin now has a penchant for all things Jamaican and has built a shrine dedicated to a small Jamaican doll she came upon at a car boot sale. She dreams of one day visiting the island and being blissfully reunited with her long lost father.

However, there is a sad twist to this tale, which Malin will one day discover… her father did not actually go to Jamaica at all; he can in fact be found in a glass cabinet mounted onto a decorative wall at the ‘Jamaica Inn’ on Bodmin Moor.