Show – Ships In The Night


I have a solo show coming up at The Old Timberyard – west Bay – Dorset – DT6 4EL
There will be a site specific installation involving many shoes that I have made into ships…..dancing along Pianola rolls.
I also have around 40 of my boxes and cabinets containing all of my ‘Field’ taxidermy characters.
Come along….

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Nigel Parks is a great guy. He works as a surveyor, is on the school P.T.A and plays a key role in local government. He lives in a nice house in Buckinghamshire with his wife, Anne, and his three children. He drives a silver Audi and listens mostly to classical music, with a bit of Phil Collins thrown in at weekends. He displays a reassuring level of calm at all times, and he and Anne have barely had a cross word in 34 years.

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The Sultan of Somewhere

The Sultan of Somewhere

This poor mouse was born with the embarrasing affliction of having excessive facial hair. Mercilessly bullied his whole life he was forced into a role of servitude and degradation. He could have been beaten, but instead he devised a brilliant and cunning escape plan for himself.

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St. Bernard

"I had always had achy joints and some mornings I didn't even want to get out of bed I felt so fed up. Then one day I saw a white mouse bathed in a luminous light. The next day I went for a marvellous long walk and my knees felt a great deal better."

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St. Agatha

"I had always been about a stone overweight and I felt dumpy. Then one day I saw a beautiful white mole bathed in a lovely white light. From that day onwards I realised that if I ate slightly less I could lose weight. Now i'm thin and I look so much more attractive."

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Ship of Fools


They said that I would see the world
and the world would set me free
But they put me on a Ship of Fools
And all I saw was sea.

It seemed that everyone aboard
had thunder in their soul
I didn’t want to feel the like
and add to sorrow’s toll.

It took more than I ever knew
to navigate my way.
But when I came back home to you
I heard you’d moved away.

I worked upon a little land
to buy a pile of stones.
But know that all I call my own
is built on human bones.

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Unk… ‘Aurorus the Great’

One day 'Unk' decided to hang up his meat jacket and start wearing a smock... His friends thought he was great and all sat for portraits. His wife 'Tut' however was absolutely livid. Firstly they had to downsize to a pokey little cave on the shady side of the mountain. Then she had to give up her collection of sealskin hats. But worst of all, she was persuaded to resign from her position as chair of the 'Ladies Afternoon Club'.

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Le Cirque Bonjour

Le Cirque Bonjour! …a hat creation

Pierre the Ringmaster has been married to Marguerite the Lion Tamer for over 30 years, though he knows she has always had eyes for Joze, the Mexican Strongman. This, combined with a general lack of enthusiasm for life, has led him to seek comfort in the arms of absinthe. Though some would say he’s never been the same since the departure of ‘Babu the Bearded Lady’ in 1955.

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